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Battery for your HAPPI VAPE cartridge – if you want to enjoy your HAPPI VAPE cartridge or you have already bought a cartridge and you are missing a battery, you need this practical device. Simply screw the cartridge onto this battery with a 510 thread, turn on the battery, preheat the charge and enjoy. You can also use the battery when using other CBD or nicotine cartridge refills.

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Screw your cartridge into the charged battery (the battery is charged via the USB port at the bottom of the battery)
Then press the button on the battery 5 times in a row and the battery will turn on, the LED light of the button will light up.
If you want to turn on the preheating of the filling, press the button twice. We recommend turning on the preheating function always before the first use after the device has been idle for at least 30 minutes.
Then press the button and keep it pressed while using the HAPPI VAPE cartridge.
If you want to turn off the device, press the button 5 times in a row, the LED light of the button will turn off.

Diameter: 11 mm
Length: 88mm
Weight: 18 grams
Color: Stainless steel, black battery body

A) Preheating – preheat with 2 clicks
B) Adjustable voltage – 3 Click to adjust the voltage of the device. LED bottom light color: Red: — 3.6V Blue: — 3.1V White: — 2.7V
Color: Stainless steel or black body


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