Do terms like sativa, indica or hybrid mean anything to you? If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s different types of hemp that differ from each other by several characteristics. If you want to know more about it, read our article and learn everything you need to know.

Sown hemp and Indian hemp

These are the two most famous types of hemp. They differ from each other in appearance, shape of the whole plant and leaves, flowers, length of flowering, taste and smell. But what they have in common is that they contain the same substances. Both species contain cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. However, they differ in their quantity and combination.

Thanks to this different chemical composition, the cannabis plant is characterized by a wide spectrum of effects . When to these two will also add a hybrid to the basic species , its properties are remarkable.

Hemp sown (cannabis sativa) :

  • its original occurrence was mainly in Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Southeast Asia – it likes equatorial regions,
  • taller and thinner plant with narrow and thin leaves,
  • longer flowering time,
  • contains more THC ,
  • stimulating, energetic and even euphoric effects.

Indian hemp (cannabis indica) :

  • you would originally find it in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal – it mostly thrives in low temperatures and high altitudes,
  • lower plant in the shape of a bush – more branched with wider leaves,
  • denser and fuller flowers – bloom shorter,
  • contains more CBD than sativa and has a more balanced CBD:THC ratio ,
  • sedative effects.

A hybrid is created by combining these two basic varieties. There are a large number of hybrids, as there are also hybrids of hybrids. They differ from each other in the genetic makeup that they take over from the dominant plant. They combine various properties with different effects on the human organism.

Expert advice

HAPPI is a world-famous brand with many years of tradition and experience. All substances used in its products are of high quality and safe.


THC is a substance associated with cannabis and its psychotropic and euphoric effects. It occurs in the plant in its natural form . Some countries accept its use, others allow it only partially. In other countries, this substance is completely banned.

HHC is a full-fledged substitute for THC. It is created by converting THC-free hemp plant concentrate, which converts CBD into HHC. Therefore, you will not find THC in any product of the HAPPI brand.

On the contrary, you will find HHC in all products. It is included in HAPPI disposable electronic cigarettes and its vape pen cartridges . For lovers of sweet temptation, HAPPI has prepared HHC gummies candies. The products contain not only HHC, but also CBD and terpenes . Everyone can choose from a number of traditional and non-traditional flavors on offer.

Health benefits of HHC:

  • relieves discomfort
  • relieves stress and anxiety,
  • has a relaxing effect ,
  • relieves anxiety
  • relieves chronic pain .

The effects of hemp products vary as much as the effects of the plant itself. What is important is the type of material they are made of and the relative ratio of substances they contain. Indica products will put you at ease and help you calm your body and soul . Sativa products will start you up and stimulate your senses, give you energy, vitality and creativity .


Be careful when choosing hemp products . Their effects are relatively well described and known. Although they are safe , they can affect each organism with slight deviations . Therefore, turn to verified producers and sellers of vape devices and their cartridges, such as the HAPPI brand. Only then will you be assured of the highest quality and health safety.

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